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The House Witch - Arin Murphy-Hiscock

Written by Amy Harvey


Posted on August 07 2020

 I'm just going to say it...take away the wands, the cauldrons, the herbs and the crystals. OK keep a few crystals but just hear me out. I think the most powerful tool for a Witch, is their home. I know right...A home is your safe haven, a place to create magic, to dream, to feel secure, to be yourself. A place to chant and sing and dance and not care a single bit who is watching (coz you know you're cat is judging you so hard, but that's fine, you're in your home). 

I found The House Witch, a super inspiring book that makes you take a step back and look at your home in a whole new light, a whole new sacred light. This book is jam packed with rituals for you to enchant, protect, connect, cleanse and bless your sacred space. 

I really loved learning about the importance of caring for your home, how you should take pride in keeping I clean, making it look and feel nice as your home is really an extension of you and your family. I love books that push for self-reflection and I definitely had moments of that reading this beautiful book. I feel inspired to treat my home with more care, to think about what I want to fill it with and what needs to leave. I loved the practical side of creating spells, using herbs, cooking, cleaning and how it can all tie into your magick and enhance it to a whole new level. Arin is a beautiful writer (she created the much loved book The Green Witch) and I found her style to the point, informative and fun. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some banana bread that needs charming and eating...obviously.  



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