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The Ostara Candle

$46.00 AUD

We now step closer to the lighter days, a time when life begins to emerge from its winter slumber. Flowers boom, our harvest begins to grow and the days grow warmer and more inviting.

This candle celebrates the beauty of Spring. Peony petals fill the air, a flower of love and protection. On top you will find a mix of Roses, Chrysanthemums and cornflower, bringing the properties of happiness, love, lust, abundance, magick and intuition. A beautiful piece of Moonstone sits on top, calling in the magick of the Moon and the Goddess. 

Ostara brings to us a time for love, new life, new perspective, growth and dreams waiting to be fulfilled.


These candles are witchcrafted using soy wax, ethically sourced flowers and crystals and cleansed before they reach their new home.