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Yule Candle

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The Yule Candle

The Winter Solstice draws near and life around us is quiet. At the time of Yule, the cold has embraced our lands, our breath can be seen as we walk the paths where fallen leaves from bare trees line our way. Although this is a time of quiet contemplation as the darkest night of the year arrives, Yule is also a time to gather with those you love, create a feast that warms our bellies and fills our soul as we celebrate the light that will soon return to us. May your festive season be filled with love, cheer, delicious food and dreams that are ready to be fulfilled as we wait for the light to return.

 A beautiful glow to symbolise the light that will soon find our land once more. As this candle burns the earthy scent of Fir and Honey invite the power of the trees and the bees, strength and growth, into your home. Topped with herbs and for abundance, happiness, good health and strength, the perfect wish for Yuletide. A piece of Sunstone sits in the wreath (a symbol of rebirth) to invite the warmth and sun back to our land. 

This candle has been created using soy wax and has a burn time of 40-50 hours.