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Yule Offering Candle

$15.00 AUD

The time of Yule grows near, the wind is icy, the days are darker and winter has well and truly taken their place centre stage.

Yule is a such a magickal time of gratitude, celebration and merriment. From creating delicious feasts to enjoy with those you love, to simply sitting and watching nature change to her winter palette, Yule is a favourite amongst Witches all over.

This offering candle has been created to aid you in your Yule celebrations. Whether it is for wishing abundance and love to those around you, or taking a moment to acknowledge where we are seasonally, this candle is here to work magick along side you. 

You can light your candle and allow it to burn out completely, or simply allow it to burn for as long as needed. 

This candle has been anointed with mistletoe for protection and hawthorn for Fae magick.