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Yule Essential Oil Blend

$22.00 AUD

To me each turn of the wheel has their own scent, whether it be spices and vanilla at Mabon, trees and Mulled wine at Yule, fresh blooms for Ostara or salt air at Litha.

Each sabbat holds it's own beautiful magick and energy and so I sought out to create an essential oil blend to capture some of that magick for you to enjoy. 

The perfect herbal tool to add to oil diffusers or burner, to allow the magick properties to fill the air of your home and sacred space. It is also a simple way to embrace the sabbat, especially on the busy days when you don't have time for spells or rituals. 

These oils can also be used to annoint magickal tools or be left out as an offering to deities, guides or elemental spirits. 

This blend has been witchcrafted using oils of: Cedar, Pine, Juniper and Cinnamon.

It holds magickal properties of strength, wisdom, creativity and good luck.