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Up-cycled Wooden Crystal Shelf - Tri-quetra Peak

$60.00 AUD


Hands up if you have a lot of crystals? Yep, same. Where do you put them all? There’s so many, I like that blue one you have…so shiny. But seriously, crystals are our friends, they work hard, they only want the best for us and they deserve to show off their shiny, beautiful faces.

So these beautiful shelves are here to help. Handcrafted using 100% up-recycled hardwood pallets right here in the Wick & Sage dispensary, these shelves are the perfect addition to your home, providing a space for you to display your crystals or even a mini altar which you can personalise for yourself. They also look super cool…so you’ll get extra points for street cred… Available in ‘snow capped’ or ‘raw.’

Please note that as these shelves are all taken from different sources they will vary in wood tone, texture and may have some slight imperfections, but hey, nobody is perfect right?


Size approx:

L: 835mm

H: 330mm

D: 100mm