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The Yule Ritual Box

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The Witches Wheel of the year is a celebration of the flow of life. The changes in the wind, the air growing colder, the sun getting warmer, the fruits we plant, the flowers blooming, the leaves that fall, the warming food, the refreshing waves cooling us. We also remember those who have passed, embrace what we have, and welcome those yet to join us. Each turn has its own magick and beauty. My goal is to bring you an experience that you can enjoy each sabbat, a ritual you can complete throughout the day, to ground you into the current season, to allow you to connect with the present, and to simply enjoy the moment.

All around us the air turns cooler, crisper and quieter. What remains of the leaves is now a deep forest green and the scent of moss, spices and fires crackling fills the air. Yule has now arrived. Also known as the Winter Solstice, this is a time for gathering, for making wishes, cooking a feast, going on a winter adventure, planting warming herbs for your soups and roasts, gift giving and enjoying the seasonal cycle we are now in. 

This ritual box has been created to aid in your Yule Celebrations:

In this box you will receive:

- A Mini Gingerbread Magick Candle: Gingerbread has been linked with Witchcraft and Pagan Yule celebrations for hundreds of years. It was said that if a man ate a gingerbread man a woman had made for him, he would fall in love with her. The spices alone, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves are filled with so many magickal properties of love, luck, health and happiness, that they make the perfect treatment for the festive Yule energy. These candles bring forth all those properties, plus a really delicious smelling sacred space. 

- A Travel Altar: The gift of Magick, wherever you go. As we travel here and there, to work, to school, on holidays etc, it can be difficult to bring your magick out and about with you. This little travel altar was created to be your travel buddy. A magickal friend who has helpful tips, supplies and encourages you to practise magick wherever you go. Inside your altar you will find little cards of helpful information (e.g colour chart, days of the week, casting a circle), 4 crystals representing the four elements (Moss agate - Earth, Aquamarine - Water, Fire Agate - Fore, Amethyst - air). A small wish candle, salt and lavender. They can also be filled with any little bits and bobs that are meaningful and helpful to you.

- 3 Wishes: A tradition of Yule to find a magickal tree and hang your wishes for the year ahead. Yule is such a high vibrational time, that makes it the perfect time for manifesting and calling in what you desire. In this box you will find 3 wish candles - green for abundance and success, yellow for happiness and pink for self love. Because thats what you deserve!

- Yule Blessing: A beautiful tradition is to create a delicious feast to enjoy on the Winter Solstice. It's always really nice to begin any feast with a Yule blessing and so I have included one that I do every year before we dig in to enjoy our yummy food. 

- Mulled Wine Recipe: My absolute favourite thing to make at Yule. Mulled Wine is not only delicious, but filled with the most magickal ingredients which makes it a powerhouse of abundance, love, happiness and magick.

- A Yule Gift: This one is a secret, but it's nice to have a surprise of Yule to look forward to. 

I hope you enjoy your ritual box and that it brings your Yule a extra sprinkle of merriment and magick.