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The Witches Cottage Candle

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"I Know a little cottage,
where everything's just right.
Th windows bloom with tulips,
At dusk there's candlelight.
The knotted oak beside it,
is ebbed with Ivy leaves,
and honeysuckle tangles
in clusters round the eaves.

The Friendly gate swings open,
against a low stone wall,
Where quaint old-fashioned blossoms
Design a parsley shawl.
And up the winding pathway
the stones with moss are grown,
I love that little cottage,
because it is my own."

-Virginia Wauchope Bass

The Witches Cottage sits in the woods, a beacon for magick and olde world wisdom. In the garden the roses, hawthorn berries, cornflower and herbs grow wild, awaiting their fate that will bring their magickal properties to life using candle magick and herbal wisdom.

A piece of Dalmation Jasper sits on top, bring joy, reflection and inspiration whilst a mixture of vanilla and tobacco swirl through the air bringing magick to life.