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The Samhain Ritual Box

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The Witches Wheel of the year is a celebration of the flow of life. The changes in the wind, the air growing colder, the sun getting warmer, the fruits we plant, the flowers blooming, the leaves that fall, the warming food, the refreshing waves cooling us. We also remember those who have passed, embrace what we have and welcome those yet to join us. Each turn has its own magick and beauty. My goal is to bring you an experience that you can enjoy each sabbat, a ritual you can complete through out the day, to ground you into the current season, to allow you to connect with the present and to simply enjoy the moment.

The wheel is turning and the Samhain season is upon us. The air grows colder, crisper and the world around seems quiet. Flowers and plants are starting to hide away, aware that the harsh winter frost is coming and the animals are now readying themselves for those long days ahead. But it is the veil, the one that separates us from the next world, it now grows thin allowing us to commune with those who are out of our reach. The time for magick is growing and the season of the Witch is here.

In this ritual box you will find items created to help to embrace the magick of this Samhain season:

- The Mini Dream Seeker Balm: A new creation to the dispensary, this balm was witchcrafted with Mugwort and Valerian Root, both said to induce lucid, vivid and prophetic dreams. Both also have protective properties to ensure your travels are kept on a safe path and lavender oil has been added to keep your mind away from nightmares. This can be placed on your temple and third eye before to go to sleep. *This balm is not recommended if you are pregnant.

- The Mini Wanderer Incense: Another new creation about to hit the dispensary shelves, this incense is for those who like to travel to the beyond. A incense blend using Agrimony, Angelica root, Star Anise, Frankincense, Wormwood and Mugwort. This magickal bend is infused with properties such as enhancing psychic abilities, communing with those who have past, connection to deep intuition, prophetic visions and protection so that you are always safe whilst you work. The perfect companion to do your Samhain divination. 

*This incense is not recommended if you are pregnant.

- Black Salt: As the veil thins, souls of those who have passed start to walk among us. Some in search of those they have left behind and some are merely just lost. Although it is always nice to check in with someone we miss, it is important that our home, our sacred space remains safe. Putting black salt on the windows and doorways ensures that no negative energy can cross the threshold. This black salt has been witchcrafted using black charcoal, salt blends and the ash of protective herbs. 

- A mini Hecate candle: Hecate, Goddess of the Witches, holds the keys of the underworld. She is the gatekeeper between our realm and the next and Samhain is a beautiful time to honour her and call her in to aid you as your work your magick. This candle is a mini version of the Hecate offering candle and has been anointed with a herbal blend dedicated in her honour. 

- A black scrying candle: Divination is the ultimate witchy activity for you to take part in during Samhain. Scrying is one option, using water, a crystal ball or a black candle. Here you can stare at the flame or into the black pool of melted wax, allowing your mind to relax and for the messages to start to seep through. This works well when burning your wanderer incense. A delicious scent of Pumpkin Spice has been added to the candle to ensure your sacred space smells like Samhain heaven.

- Samhain Book of Shadow pages: A new introduction to the dispensary, we have our pages for your Book of Shadows, fills with notes on the next turn of the wheel. In these magickal pages you will find information about Samhain, the correspondences, a tarot spread, a ritual and a recipe for Soul Cakes, a favourite dish to make to enjoy and use as an offering. 

May this ritual box provide magick, guidance and ensure your witchy powers level up to soak in the power this next turn brings.

Blessed Samhain.