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The Sacred Herb Bundle

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For many years, we have used nature as a way to cleanse and purify our homes and sacred spaces. No matter what religion or belief you follow, herbs, resins, holy woods and flowers, water and oils have all been used in order to cleanse away negative energy in order to perform and live in the most positive and magickal conditions possible.

This bundle has been created using three of the most powerful tools when it comes to cleansing and clearing your space.

White Sage - A very well known herb that is one of the most commonly used to cleanse and purify. This White Sage is locally grown in Melbourne, from the moment the seeds are in the grown these plants are given love and respect as they grow strong and their beautiful leaves reach towards the sun. They are an extremely powerful tool to clear a space of negative or stagnant energy.

Palo Santo - Translated this cleansing tool is known as the “Holy Wood”, a beautiful wood that is used to raise the vibration to a higher space. Negative energy cannot sit with a higher vibration, so this is a perfect way to block negative vibes from returning. This wood has been ethically sourced from fallen wood, there are some that are not so lucky but these pieces have happily chosen to fall and serve.

Rose- Known for their power of love, Rose is a beautiful flower that brings in strong protective element to this bundle, as well as the most powerful tool of all - Love. Spreading the power of love in a space will strengthen the heart and the soul.

These sacred bundles will come with an invocation I use personally whilst cleansing and clearing my home.

Enjoy their magick and may they clear, cleanse and protect you and your sacred space.