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The Runes Candle

$30.00 AUD

Rune divination is one of the oldest and greatest forms of divination that is still loved and admired to this day. First created in conjunction with Norse magick, Runes have been connected to the Norse Gods themselves, with both Freyja and Odin often coming through to share their wisdom through the runes themselves. 

These candles are infused with the magick of the runes, each connect and blessed using a ritual oil that has been created and dedicated to the Goddess Freyja. Each candle holds the power of a different individual rune, whether it be the Fehu, Hagalaz or Dagaz. The idea being that the right candle, just like the right rune, will find who needs it and shares it message. Each candle holds a small rune, created using beeswax and on top you will see wildcrafted Icelandic Moss, Lavender, and Black salt to represent the shores where the black sand of Iceland meets the sea. A beautiful scent of mixed herbs and magick will fill the air and the power of the Runes will created you sacred space for you home.