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The Realm Beyond Magick Kit

$28.00 AUD

The Realm Beyond

The realm beyond is deeper than we have ventured before. A place of knowledge, wisdom and the best kept secrets. The realm where faeries fly, mermaids swim freely and dragons fire roars through the sky. It is a place where those who have left us may wait, for a moment where communication is achievable. A place where our guides sit, ready to listen and guide us on our journey.

The realm beyond is in our grasp, sometimes we just need an extra helping hand to open the door.

In this kit you will find tools that will aid you in your divination work. Items which have been created to open the mind and let the soul journey to places never seen before.

In this kit you will find:

The Realm Beyond Essential oil roller: This magickal potion was created to aid in divination work, whether that me tarot, pendulum, scrying or meditation. A potion witchcrafted to open the third eye, help your mind to settle and focus, to open, expand and to guide you to new paths which are ready for adventure.

Created using a mixture of Camphor (raises spiritual vibrations, protects against negative energy), Clove (clarity, clairvoyance) and Orange (facilitates guided meditation, communication with guides and spirits) essential oil. Inside you will find pieces of Moonstone, often used to connect with goddess energy and star anise, a beautiful tool to aid in psychic and divination work.

These potions have been through a ritual connecting them with Hecate, the keeper of the keys to the beyond, who aids Witches and magickal workers in their magickal practise. This potion can be placed on your third eye, anoint magickal tools or be used however you feel called.

Mugwort: A purely magickal herb that can be used in so many ways to enhance your magickal practise. When put under your pillow it is said to enhance prophetic dreams, when burnt it helps to open the third eye and to connect to those beyond our realm. It can also be a beautiful tool to cleanse your magical items and sacred space. 

Super Seven Crystal: This magickal creature is unique in that is has SEVEN crystals inside it. Yep, seven. Because of this super properties found in crystal individually, this crystal has a very high frequency and is an exceptional stone for healing, protection, releasing negativity and past patterns, purification of the soul and allows you to reach a place of clarity, deep focus, creativity and positivity. 

A purple wish candle: Purple, the colour often connected with witches, magick and spirituality. This candle can be used in which ever way you see fit. You can use it in a candle spell, placing your intention into the candle and let it burn and release into the universe. It can be used as a offering to a goddess, guide or loved one who has passed. Do with it what your intuition calls for. 

I hope this kit brings to you guidance, wisdom, magick and all else you seek.