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LIMITED DROP - The Protection Pyramid Candle

$49.00 AUD

Protection, an important tool we must all give ourselves, our home and our space. Although there is so much positivity out there, those negative vibes do love to follow us along the road.

This candle is a special one. It has been created with the sole job of protecting its space. Each one of these candles has been through a protection ritual, filling it with magick so that it may bring those protective qualities to its new home, creating a pyramid of protection to keep out unwanted energy.

At the top of the pyramid you will find Black tourmaline, the ultimate crystal to absorb negative energy, surrounded my amethyst, to heal and balance our the space, ending wit rose quartz to fill the room with an element of love. A scent of Wood Sage and Sea Salt has been used to clear the air of negative vibes and sprinkles of sage fill the voids between the crystals, like a sacred site aging with moss and new growth. Each candle comes in a beautiful matte black jar, the perfect colour for releasing anything that no longer serves you.

These candles have been witchcrafted using soy wax, have a burn time of 40 hours and have all been through a protection ritual.