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The Practical Magic Ritual Box

$57.00 AUD

"My Darling Girl... 

When are you going to realise that being Normal is not necessarily a virtue? It rather denotes a lack of courage."

Since I was a child, Practical Magic has brought me joy on so many different levels. Afternoons spent watching the movie, the ultimate tool for self care, filling my home with magic, adventure, escapism and of course...midnight margaritas. Now that all four books are out, I find myself drawn back to them over and over again when I need to fill my mind with a world where Witches are just like us, they go through hardship, they lose their way but in the end they always find their power. 

I wanted to create a Ritual box that brought the joy, love and magick that I get from the Practical Magic world, into something you could now have in your own home. Something that would bring you relaxation, joy, delicious treats and make you feel like an Owens Sister.

Inside this ritual box you will find:

The Midnight Margarita Candle...with a side of Roses:

"Someone left it on the porch...."

The smell of lime and coconut fills the air as you dance around your home, free and wild, the ultimate witch in her power. You will find on top a vine of roses, thorns of clove and sprinkles of nettle, an ode to the roses thorn bush growing outside, sparks the warning of a ghost that waits nearby. (Playing "Coconut" by Harry Nilsson is recommended for the ultimate experience).

Practical Magic Salt Blend:

"There are somethings I know for certain, throw spilt salt over your left shoulder, Keep rosemary at your garden gate, plant lavender for and fall in love whenever you can."

The ultimate salt blend, to cleanse, protect, relax and gift you a moment to soak in magick. In this blend you will find lavender, rosemary, rose, blue cornflower and oils of lavender ylang ylang and cedarwood.

Rosemary Incense:

"There's alittle Witch in all of us..."

Rosemary is the ultimate friend to any witch, with a variety of magickal properties to cleanse, protect, recall dreams and uplift any bad mood. This box of delicious rosemary incense will help you in whatever magickal intention you wish to call in for that day. 

The Aunts Garden Herbal Blend:

"I don't want them dancing naked under the full moon..."

"No of course. Nudity is entirely optional, as you well remember!".

The Aunts. Bold, Wise and Wild...the ultimate Witches. Not only do I admire their sass and NF given attitude, it's their garden that sits deep inside my witchy heart. Filled with every herb, flower and poison you could think of, it's every witches dream. So I created a herbal blend capturing the essence of their garden. It's fresh, rejuvenating and most importantly...magickal. In this blend you will find Thyme, Rosemary, Copal, Juniper, Wormwood, Mugwort and Garden Sage. 

Practical Magic Sticker:

"The belladonna is in my bag..."

If you know, you know. But now it's in sticker form.

Tigers Eye: 

"Where's my tigers eye?!"

I love Gillian Owens, she is ballsy, seeks adventure but also...has great taste in crystals. A blood Moon, it calls for protection and so she reachers for her Tigers eye. A beautiful and powerful crystal for protection, couage and balance. Now you and Gillian will be protected from whatever force comes your way.

Chocolate Tipsy Cake Recipe:

"In this house, we eat chocolate cake for breakfast!"

Throughout the 4 books, you are constantly reminded about the chocolate tipsy cake, it's delicious and chocolatey magick bringing comfort not matter how serious and overwhelming a situation may be. So I have created my own version of the Chocolate Tipsy cake, for those days when you need some extra comfort and magick. 

I hope this ritual box brings you joy, comfort and a smile to your Witchy Soul.