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The Ostara Ritual Box

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The Witches Wheel of the year is a celebration of the flow of life. The changes in the wind, the air growing colder, the sun getting warmer, the fruits we plant, the flowers blooming, the leaves that fall, the warming food, the refreshing waves cooling us. We also remember those who have passed, embrace what we have and welcome those yet to join us. Each turn has its own magick and beauty. My goal is to bring you an experience that you can enjoy each sabbat, a ritual you can complete through out the day, to ground you into the current season, to allow you to connect with the present and to simply enjoy the moment.

The arrival of the abundant Spring breeze always makes my witchy heart sing. We are now at a time of growth, of new life, a time where possibilites are endless and the beauty and magick of nature is all around us. The Spring Equinox, or Ostara, is a time to embrace a new beginning. It is a time to shed the weight of winter and allow yourself to step into your power. For now is a time of creation and what you will create is entirely up to you. 

For me, Ostara is a time to call in all that beautiful loving energy. Winter has now passed and we can fill our depleted cups up with earth magick, spring air, fresh flower magick and whole bunch of self love. Because we deserve it. 

In this ritual box you will find:

- The Spring Cottage Candle: There is nothing quite like the smell of a fresh bunch of flowers, or walking through your garden on a baeautiful spring morning, watching the flowers beam up at the sun. This candle holds that energy. A scent of roses, jasmine and lilacs fill the air, calling Spring to us. Rose Quartz sits on top, opening our heart up to love and warmth and a spring of flowers symbolises the beauty that surrounds us during this next turn of the wheel. 

- Aphrodite Simmer Pot: Goddess of Love, Beauty and born from the Ocean. Aphrodite remind sus that life is beautiful and so are we. We are strong, powerful and deserving of love. This Simmer Pot calls in her energy and can be used during ritual, spellwork or to simply connect with her during the Ostara Season. Inside you will find a mixture of Rose, Jasmine, Lemon, Irish Moss, Allspice and Rosemary. 

- Seeds to Grow: Inside you will find two packets containing magick for you to grow in your garden.These seeds include Poppies and Chrysanthemums. Both of these flowers can grow in the wild, reminding us that no matter what condition, we can always continue to grow and shine. These seeds can be used along side manifesting your goals, giving you a physical reminder of your goal that you must tend to and support in order for it to grow. 

-Aphrodite Incense Blend: This magickal blend can be used as an offering to further establish a connection with Aphrodite, or to simply call in the magickal properties that surround her - self love, beauty, mindfulness, clarity, empowerment and growth. 

- Wish candle bundle: You will find a bundle of 3 wish candles to be used in your Ostara spell work or rituals:

Green - growth, success, earth magick.

Pink - Self love, passion, beauty

White - Clarity, Healing, Cleansing

- Aphrodite BOS Page - This card holds abit of Information about the Goddess Aphrodite, including an incantation for you to use to help establish a connection with her when you are doing your Ostara magick. A handy tip if you are beginning a relationship - read this incantation out every day for 7 days. 

Ostara Ritual - a little ritual incorporating how to use all the items in your ritual box. This can be changed and altered if you are called to do so, but it gives you an idea of how you can create a ritual embracing the energy of Ostara. 

May this ritual box bring you endless magick. May your days grow light and your soul fill with light, love the magick the earth is creating around you.