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The Mini Realm of the Merfolk Candle

$15.00 AUD

As we sit on the sand, we can see the waves crash and dance. The energy of the ocean is wild and unpredictable yet renews our soul and brings clarity and healing to those who need it. And whilst the waves roar, we can hear a calling through the noise, a song meant just for us. It calls us closer with a promise of wisdom, protection, adventure and magick. The Merfolk are singing the songs of the sirens, songs that have caused ships to crash and sailors to drown, but we know we are not in danger, in fact they sing too tell us that all is well and all will be well.

The Realm of the Merfolk brings magick of clarity, peace, renewal and a deep connection with thee element of water and the magick of the ocean. 

Witchcrafted with:

The scent of Chamomile and Grapefruit brings an uplifting yet calming sense that all is well. It calms our minds and brings a joyful energy to our sacred space.

Herbs of Irish Moss bring us luck and good fortune. Rose is our connection with Aphrodite the Goddess of Love who is born from the Sea, who brings us beauty and a lust for life. Lavender brings us peace of mind and the ability to rest our bodies and soul.

Fluorite allows us to finds balance, to heal and to connect to deeper wisdom. Shells from the ocean bring us a closer connection to our Mermaid kin and the sand from the beach transports us back to the songs of the sirens. 

Warning: may cause intense relaxation and desire to be a mermaid...

This candle was created with soy wax. Burn Time: 10-15 hours.