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The Lunar Ritual Box

$47.00 AUD

The Lunar Ritual Box

Lady Lunar, greets us each night as she meets the stars and farewells the sun. She hears our secrets we whisper in the night and watches as we work our magick in the dark. 

 She teaches us that life has an ebb and flow, forever changing and just as she does, we all have phases we weave between.

This box honours the lunar cycle. At the Full Moon we release so we can fly freely. The Dark Moon allows our minds to wander to realms beyond and the New Moon brings us new wishes and a chance to call in all we yearn for. 

In this ritual box you will find:

- A mini Lunar Candle: 

The smell of Bergamot and Tobacco fills the air as the flame is lit and he candles magick swirls throughout the room. Bergamot has long been used for its calming energy, but also to uplift and bring strength. Tobacco has been said to enhance our spiritual side, allowing us to journey beyond our realm and connect with another.

Sage and Chamomile sit on top, to cleanse the air and bring a sense of peace and calm to your space.

A piece of Clear Quartz is placed as a representation of the Moon, amplifying all magick and intentions around it, as well as healing and providing strength to those who need it

- Lunar Folk Ritual Oil: The Lunar Folk Ritual oil has been witchcraft for those who feel a strong connection to the Moon and her cycles. This oil has been created using a beautiful mix of oils, herbs and flowers, each with their own magickal properties and connection to the moon. These oils can be used to cleanse, manifest and bring power to items, places or even yourself. They can be used to anoint objects during whichever phase you are drawn to, used as an offering during a Moon ritual or even as a perfume for yourself to bring the energy of the Moon with you throughout the day.

 - Mini Release Incense: A blend to capture the energy of the Full Moon, a night to let go, to release and allow yourself the freedom to step forward without restraint.

- Mini The Wanderer Incense: This incense allows you to step deeper into the magick of the Dark Moon, a night for quiet contemplation, for divination and for crossing the realm between the worlds. 

- Mini Abundance Incense: The New brings new growth, new beginnings and a beautiful time to manifest your dreams. This incense has been conjured to call in abundance, prosperity and fill your home with high vibe energy.

This ritual box also comes with a information card on the Full, Dark and New Moon.