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The Lions Gate Potion

$22.00 AUD

On the 08/08 this year, we had the Lions Gate Activation Day. A day of extreme magick where manifestation was strong and powerful and highly encouraged. For me, as a Leo, I always find that magick seeps out of my pores during this day and I love to create a potion that captures the incredibly powerful energy of that moment.

So I did.

The Lions Gate potion was created to aid you in magick for abundance, success, good luck and growth. It can be used as an offering, to annoint candles or objects or you can simply use it on yourself like a perfume to call in all that amazing energy to you for a sucessful day. 

This potion can be fast acting, surprising and powerful, so brace yourself and keep an open mind for how things may mainfest. 

I have added Cinnamon and Cedarwood essentional oil to this blend to encourage success and keep you strong.