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The Lions Gate Abundance Oil

$16.00 AUD

The Lions Gate Abundance 

On the day the Lions Gate portal was at its peak, when the energy of Leo season combined with Sirius, the brightest star a new potion was born. 

This came from a complete inspired moment where I wanted to create an abundance oil using this energy that made me feel so electric, motivated and magickal. One that I could use to carry that energy with me every day. I conjured and brewed it, putting it through a ritual on the day of the Lions Gate, using candle magick and letting it sit on my abundance altar until the portal closed. 

And I made some for you as well…

A magickal blend of Cedarwood, Cinnamon, Basil and Orange Essential oil, mixed with piece of Citrine for an extra hit of manifesting magick. 

These potions are limited as they were made on 08/08 and will not be restocked until th next Lions Gate portal.

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