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The Honey Pot

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Wow this is something that has me really buzzed!

Did you know if all our Bee friends disappeared, we humans would have about 4 years left and then it’d be all over red rover. Yep! Terrifying! These little guys are so important to our planet, to grow our fruits and flowers, to keep this earth as green as lush as they can (the rest is up to us...but that’s another rant).🐝🌻

I am so excited to join forces with Save the Bees Australia to work together to grow awareness of our hard working Bees and to make a conscious effort to keep them safe.

So, I have created “The Honey Pot”. A literal honey pot, filled with bee wax candle melts. The Bees wax has been ethically sourced, from happy bees, and these little babies last forever! They are all infused with Cinnamon, a herb often used to attract abundance, which is what I think perfectly encapsulates the job of a Bee. Each Honey Pot also comes with a beautiful piece of Citrine, a crystal for happiness, abundance, manifesting and magick (again...perfectly paired with Bees).

Now for me, I definitely feel it’s important to give back and since the Bees have provided us with their amazing bees wax, I will be donating 15% of every sale to Save the Bees Australia 🐝 So please know every sale goes to making a difference!

For more information about this amazing organisation head to