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The Healing Spell Kit

$35.00 AUD

This kit has been created for those that require some extra healing in whatever way you feel you need.

This kit includes the following items:

  • Amethyst sphere: One of my absolute favourite crystals as it has the most amazing healing properties and is extremely protection. I chose a sphere because rubbing one on your hands is said to increase relaxation, almost like a stress ball.
  • Sage: This herb is extremely effective when it comes to cleansing away negative energy.
  • Jasmine: This herb is full of love, especially when it comes to increasing your own spiritual love. Like a nice big spiritual cuddle!
  • Willow: This herb has the perfect trifecta - Love, Protection and Healing properties.
  • Black Wish Candle: Although black can be associated with negativity, this candle is often used to banish the things that no longer serve. So put all though worries in this candle and watch as they melt away.
  • 2 x Charcoal disks

All items have been cleansed, but will require your own intent depending on what you wish for your spell.