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The Goddess Spell Kit

$35.00 AUD

We all need little guidance, sometimes some extra love and a knowing that you are completely supported. To me, this is Goddess energy. A guide who watches over you, nudges you in the right direction but still allows you to learn at your own rate. Connecting with a Goddess can be so rewarding and fulfilling, bringing you insight you never know you needed. This spell kit is here to give you a moment in time, to sit and connect. Give thanks, honour and learn. Be still, learn and feel the love. The crystal is a beautiful piece of Celestite, a magickal stone that helps connect to that Goddess energy, that you can carry with you all day and can be placed at your altar for when you need to bring that energy to your rituals and meditation.

Herbs of Jasmine, Myrrh and Lemongrass raise your vibration higher and help build your connection. A silver wish candle comes with this kit as an offering and gift of thanks to the Goddess.