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The Goddess Candle

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The Goddess Candle

The Goddess is calm and quiet, yet stands firm and strong.

The Goddess bring clarity and peace, but opens wounds that need to bleed.

The Goddess eyes may be closed, but she sees the world and those worlds that lie beyond.

The Goddess brings you what you ask but mostly what you need, even if it hurts but it means your roots grow deeper and firmer into the earth so you may stand tall and strong like a tree in the deepest forest.

The Goddess candle, one of my most loved and sought after candle, brings you peace, clarity and wisdom. It opens the heart and settles the mind, it balances and brings love.

Witchcrafted with:

A soft scent that smells of spices, fresh bay and perfume.

The happy smiles of jasmine and the deep wisdom of mugwort have been placed on top.

A piece of Rose Quartz is placed to heal and warm the heart whilst connecting you to your inner sacred feminine.

“I am in alignment with my purpose and my power”.


These candles have been created using Soy Wax. Burn time 30-35 hours.