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The Full Moon Spell Kit

$35.00 AUD

For every full moon I have created my own ritual for clearing, cleansing and attracting using particular herbs for each part. It’s become something I really enjoy doing and I wanted to share it, to celebrate this beautiful Full Moon we are about to enjoy!!
So the Full Moon Spell Kit was born...
It includes:
-Selenite Sphere: Selenite is AMAZING for cleansing not only yourself, the air around you but any also other crystals you have, as well as amplify their energy. Plus these look like a full moon, seriously....If you wanted your own moon this comes pretty close!
-Clearing Herbs: Sage, Rue, Frankincense
-Cleansing Herbs: Lemon Verbena, Silver birch, Rosemary
-Attracting: Cinnamon (For success and abundance), Meadowsweet (For happiness) and Jasmine (For love and peace)
-White wish Candle: White is often used for peace, cleansing and purity, but it can be used as a jack of all trades, waiting for your intent to be placed in it.
-2 x charcoal disks
I only have 2 of these kits available! I’m hoping to have some available for each full moon! But for now...there are only 2 here waiting for a new home!

All items have been cleansed before take-off and filled with positive vibes and intent!