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The Fae, The Good Folk, Fairies, there are many names for one of the most sought after and fascinating elementals that we are surrounded by. A ringing bell, a sparkle in the corner of your eye, a place in the garden where the flowers grow wild, these are all signs that faeries grace our land. Building a strong connection with them requires hard work, patience but can ultimately be such a rewarding and magickal experience.

Faeries, whilst they can at times be cheeky, disruptive and little unpredictable, can also aid in creating a garden filled with luscious growth, they can protect your home and your family with unrelenting power, they can bring your shellwork to life and help you manifest some truly unique magick. This candle is an offering to them, a thank you and a show of respect.

Witchcraftd with:

As I step outside near our faery garden we have created, we have planted a barrel of tomatoes. They say that when the Faeries have their own space, life there thrives and our tomatoes certainly have and so this candle is a thank you to our Garden Fae. Filled with the scent of a freshly grown tomatoe patch, so rich you can smell the soil and leaves as it fills the air.

A mixture of rue, flowers, hawthorn berries and hibiscus have been placed on top as an offering for the Fae to enjoy, as well as bring their own magick of protection, uplifting energy and spiritual awareness.

Moss agate has been used for grounding, strength and a deep connection to the earth and all the beauty it has to offer.

"What I think, I create, What I feel, I attract, what I imagine, I become."

This candle has been created using Soy Wax. Burn Time 30-35 hours.