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The Beltane Ritual Box

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The Witches Wheel of the year is a celebration of the flow of life. The changes in the wind, the air growing colder, the sun getting warmer, the fruits we plant, the flowers blooming, the leaves that fall, the warming food, the refreshing waves cooling us. We also remember those who have passed, embrace what we have and welcome those yet to join us. Each turn has its own magick and beauty. My goal is to bring you an experience that you can enjoy each sabbat, a ritual you can complete throughout the day, to ground you into the current season, to allow you to connect with the present, and to simply enjoy the moment.

Beltane allows our witch blood to flow wild, the earth is rich with natural abundance, the bees and butterflies fly freely through our gardens and now is the the time for the Fae to step forward.

The veil between our world and the realm of the elementals is at it thinnest point, making communication and connection with them easier and more potent than ever. Learning about how you can weave your magick along the fae, not only elevates your practise but opens you up to wisdom and knowledge that is far greater than our own. This box was created to help you on your journey working with the Fae.

In this ritual kit you will find the following magickal items:

- Mini Fae Candle: A beautifully earthy scent of fresh tomatoes growing on the vine, immediately transports me into a garden rich with natures abundance. Is there anything better than the smell of fresh plants humming with vibrant energy? The perfect place for the Fae to reside. A variety of flower petals sit on top, alongside a piece of Moss Agate, a crystal to ground and book your connection to earth magick.

- The Fae Potion: This potion was created harnessing the energy of the Fae. Each bottle contains Pine, Grapefruit and patchouli oil, as well as Blue Cornflour, Rose and Juniper berries. These potions have been through a ritual soaking in the energy of the Spring Equinox, the open air and the rays of the Sun and Moon, as well as being blessed by our Fae guides. Each one can be used as an offering to the fae, to anoint yourself or magickal tools or space, in spell work or candle magick, in a ritual bath or however you may be called to using it. 

- A Faery Talisman: Flowers, Mushrooms and Faery Houses. These little cuties hold the playful essence of the Fae. They can be used as a keyring, in which maybe you want to ask the faed to bless them with protection as you go about your day, or they could simply work as a reminder that magick is all around us. 

- Faery Offering Jar: If you are to work with the Fae, you will quickly learn that respect will get your everywhere. So I have put together a jar you can use as offerings as your practise. A mixture of fresh petals, herbs and crystal chips have been used as they love all things pretty and shiny. 

- A Green or Pink Wish candle: The perfect candle to use when connecting with any kind of earth magick or self love.. You can use this to connect with them, to symbolise the abundance of Beltane, or however you feel called. 

- A Fae Information Card: A little piece to add to your book of shadows, containing some information about the Fae and the rules you need to know when working with them

I hope this ritual box bring an extra sprinkle of magick to your Beltane celebrations.