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The Beltane Ritual Box

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The Witches Wheel of the year is a celebration of the flow of life. The changes in the wind, the air growing colder, the sun getting warmer, the fruits we plant, the flowers blooming, the leaves that fall, the warming food, the refreshing waves cooling us. We also remember those who have passed, embrace what we have and welcome those yet to join us. Each turn has its own magick and beauty. My goal is to bring you an experience that you can enjoy each sabbat, a ritual you can complete throughout the day, to ground you into the current season, to allow you to connect with the present, and to simply enjoy the moment.

Beltane allows our witch blood to flow wild. Now is the time to walk barefoot through the grass, our dirty feet connecting with the earth with each step we take. We say hello to the Butterflies and thank you to the Bees. We leave offerings to the Fae and listen to the whispers of the wind. Beltane allows us to return home to nature and reconnect with the elements and the Nature Spirits who have waited for us. 

In this ritual kit you will find the following magickal items:

- A Mini Beltane Candle: This candle is an ode to Beltane and to the midway point wee find ourselves in, between the Spring and Summer. A liminal space where magick is wild, strong and bursting with energy.The scent of Daisies reminds us to connect with the beauty of nature and the flowers that bring us so much beauty. The flowers on top, each hold their own magick and pieces of thyme call in our Fae folk. Rose Quartz sits on top to open our hearts so we can dance freely and embrace all the love and vibrance this sabbat has to offer. 

- 4 x Element Offering Candles: Nature is truly alive and connecting with the elements allows you to connect to more deep rooted magick that flows around us. Each candle represents an element (Water, Earth, Fire and Air) and can be used as an offering to the nature spirits connected with each Element and to the element itself. They can be used in a ritual that comes in your Book of Shadow Notes.

-Juniper Herbal Bundle: Juniper is one of my most favourite herbs to use to cleanse my home and sacred space. It is note only effective when breaking hexes or cleansing negative energy that may be floating around, but it also refreshes the spirit, brings joy, resilience and balance.

- Book of Shadow Notes: These pages have been created to fill your Book of Shadows with further knowledge and inspiration for the next turn of the wheel. In these pages you will find information about Beltane, correspondences to help you connect and celebrate, Fae Magick, Recipes to create and also a ritual connecting you to the Elements. 

- A Beltane Sticker: A little cute edition to the box to bring somee flowery, Beltane vibes to your diary, BOS or wherever you feels some sticker magick.

I hope this ritual box brings your Beltane an extra touch of happiness and magick. Enjoy this beautiful turn of the wheel and may your magick run as wild as the flowers that bring beauty to our gardens.