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Tarot Magick - The Deep Dive

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An ancient form of magickal divination, used for many, many years to gather information about what is to come, wisdom and guidance needed to accomplish dreams and goals, an opportunity to look at a situation in a new light and a beautiful tool to look at your year ahead.

For our Tarot Magick, we will be looking at all aspects of your life from Career, Health, Relationships, Home and Wisdom that needs to be shared. i love to use Oracle cards along side each tarot Card. The Tarot being the message for that specific part of your life and the oracle being extra wisdom on how to flow through an achieve your goal. 

I love to do these readings to have a spiritual check in on my own life. We are forever changing, growing and adapting to life and it's important to ensure we are in balance and alignment with our goals and with how we wish to journey down our path. Readings like this are a really beautiful and magickal way to connect in with our higher selves, ancestors or our guides to ensure not only success on our journey but also a clearer understanding of where we currently stand. 

Your reading will be put in a report, detailing all the categories covered and all messages and guidance that came through. This will be sent in a PDT format so you can refer back through out the year. 

Please note: I am not able to do a reading for someone else (e.g friend, sister, husband etc) but I am able to see the impact their situation may have on you or how you can deal/help etc.

If you have a question for a specific area of your life, I recommend thinking of an open question for the reading. It allows more information to come through rather than just a Yes or No response.

For example:

What guidance do I need to obtain a new job?

What do I need to know about opening my heart for new love?

Please attach an email address that you would like me to contact you on as well for our first initial chat and to send through your PDF report. 

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