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Simmer Pot - Venus Day

$15.00 AUD

A simmer pot brings the Witches bubbling cauldron to life. Simmer Pot herbal blends work in a similar way to herbal incense blends, except that instead of lighting them with fire, you place them in a pot, with water on a low boil, allowing the steam to bring herbal magick to life in your home. Simmer Pots are a great alternative to people who don't like working with smoke, have young children, asthma etc. Each bag contains enough for 2-3 simmer pots. 

Each day of the week holds it's own magick, with Friday being the day of Venus. A day for love in all forms be in romantic or self love, Venus day is a beautiful energy to embrace and this simmer pot blend will help capture that and bring in more of those loving vibes. A blend of Roses, Jasmine, Damiana, Chrysanthemum, Cinnamon and Hibiscus hold properites of self love, lust, protection, feminine energy and joy, the perfect gift to enjoy on Venus day and every other day of the week!