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Simmer Pot Blend - Cleanse

$15.00 AUD

A simmer pot brings the Witches bubbling cauldron to life. Simmer Pot herbal blends work in a similar way to herbal incense blends, except that instead of lighting them with fire, you place them in a pot, with water on a low boil, allowing the steam to bring herbal magick to life in your home. Simmer Pots are a great alternative to people who don't like working with smoke, have young children, asthma etc. Each bag contains enough for 2-3 simmer pots. 

This blend has been used to cleanse your sacred space. A mixture of Juniper Berries, Rosemary, Agrimony, Garden Sage, Thyme and Lavender will aid in cleansing your space of negative energy and raising it to a higher and more positive frequency. The perfect blend to do on a Sunday reset.