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Samhain Book Of Shadows PDF

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The wheel is turning and the Samhain season is upon us. The air grows colder, crisper and the world around seems quiet. Flowers and plants are starting to hide away, aware that the harsh winter frost is coming and the animals are now readying themselves for those long days ahead. But it is the veil, the one that separates us from the next world, it now grows thin allowing us to commune with those who are out of our reach. The time for magick is growing and the season of the Witch is here.

 A new introduction to the dispensary, we have our Samhain pages for your Book of Shadows, filled with notes on the next turn of the wheel. In these magickal pages you will find information about Samhain, the correspondences, a tarot spread, a ritual and a recipe for Soul Cakes, a favourite dish to make to enjoy and use as an offering. 

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