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Cleanse Spray

$20.00 AUD

Cleanse. Clear. Ground.

Who needs bad vibes? No one. They are yucky and gross and wear stinky socks.

So they need to go.

Best way to go about it? Cleanse those bad vibes away.

The super hero of the cleansing world is herbs, beautiful yes, delicious to smell, yes but they will find a way into every nook and cranny and cleanse it too pieces. The most effective method is to burn herbs to fill you room or home with the smoke, clearing out unwanted energy.

But some of us just aren’t into smoke. Or your coworkers think it’s bit excessive. Or the cat judges you harshly. So this little guy is here to help. A Sage Spray that will cleanse your space, clear the energy and ground you so you can stand tall like a big beautiful Oak tree full of birds nests and squirrels.

This beautiful spray has been witchcrafted with Garden Sage, Locally sourced White Sage (the real ninja) and Frankincense, all superstars willing and ready to make your space the best it can be. These sprays also come with Rose Quartz to bring a loving energy, as well as clear quartz to amplify the positive goodness.