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Rainbow of Wishes

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Candle magick has long been known as one of the most popular ways to aid you in spell work, I think because you have a physical item in front of you which you are able to fill with your intention, but also watch as it melts down. Seeing something moving, often gives us more confidence that there is in fact “something” happening.

I love working with candles for my spellcrafting, I find using the element of fire to be a really great tool as it is all about passion, drive, desire, all of which push your dreams and goals forward with a big energizing push.

Colour can also be used with candle magick as well, as colours are often connected to their own intentions, which can then further the power behind your spell even more.

Let’s have a look at what the colours are often used for:

-White: Purity, Truth, Health (also the universal colour to use as a replacement for another colour)

-Black: Protection, Banishment, Dark Moon

-Green: Money/Abundance, Luck, Earth Magick

-Yellow: Positivity, Success, Intelligence

-Pink: Love, Nurturing, Feminine Energy,

-Orange: Crestivity, Ambition, Legal Matters

-Green: Growth, Good Luck, Earth Magick

-Blue: Protection, Personal Power, Focus

-Purple: Spiritual power, Magick/Witchcraft, Inner Power

-Brown: Home blessing, animals, stability

-Red: Passion, Confidence, Creativity

This pack comes with all 10 wish candles and a candle holder.