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Palo Santo Sacred Cleanser Bundle

$20.00 AUD

Palo Santo is a sacred wood which has been used for many many years to cleanse the energy of the space. It has beautiful properties which also include lifting the energy of a room to a higher vibration, to a point where negative energy cannot survive.

I love to use herbs such as Sage or Rosemary to cleanse my home and I will then go around each space with Palo Santo to cleanse and then raise that energy, it always makes the house feel so much lighter.

This kit also comes with a beautiful piece of Selenite. A crystal with similar properties that is able to cleanse away negative energy form the space, cut negative cords attached to you and also able to cleanse crystals if left along side them.

To use the Palo Santo you simply light a stick, let it burn for about 20 seconds until the smoke starts to really flow and then you are ready to cleanse. Enjoy the beautiful smell that comes with it.

These items also come with some dried flowers for an extra bit of Fae energy.

This Palo Santo is ethically sourced from fallen wood.