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Ostara Online Class

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The wheel has turned once more and the time of Ostara draws close. A time for balance, between the North and the South, where we share our days with the Sun and our nights with the moon.

Ostara is a time for new growth, new beginnings, sowing our seeds which hold our goals and dreams and tending to them as the days grow warmer. 

I am so excited to offer this class where we dive into the magick of Ostara and being able to reach those of you beyond our Melbourne borders.

In this class we will be discussing the magick of Ostara, traditions new and olde, how you can celebrate and embrace this beautiful turn of the wheel. We will go over Deities connected with this day and how you can work with them and call in their power to aid you in ritual and spell work, plus some spell suggestions you make to dive into during this time. 

I also want to discuss Earth magick and all the ways we can connect with beautiful Mother Nature now that she has awoken from her winter slumber. Connecting with the Elements can be such a rewarding experience and really helps you to tap into olde world magick that Witchs bfore us also embraced and used on a daily basis. Earth Magick involves herbal magick, daily grounding exercises, crystal magick and elemental guides...all the fun witchy things!

This class will run from 2pm Saturday September 17th (Melbourne time) and will go for around 2 hours (depending on question and chat time).

I will be sending you out some class notes throughout next week that you can refer to as we chat, so please provide an email address. I will also send through the Zoom link before class.

If you are unable to attend the class, you can still purchase a ticket and I will send you through all the class notes and a recording of the class that you can watch in your own time.

All participants will also receive a recording of the class as well if they wish to go back and rewatch.

I'm so excited to see you all there and dive into the beautiful Spring energy we are gift with at this next turn of the wheel.