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No More Monsters

$20.00 AUD

So it’s dark outside. You’re in bed and things are creaking real bad and you swear that shadow has eyeballs. What was that noise? I reckon it was a werewolf or some kind of mutant wanting to eat your brains…but it’s ok…you have a way to make sure there are NO MORE MONSTERS!!

Now let’s be real, a lot of us know that monsters can easily be overcome with positive vibes and throwing big garlic bulbs at their heads, but our little friends aren’t that resourceful.

This magickal spray was developed when my daughter Poppy started noticing the bumps in the night and felt super overwhelmed that there was nothing SHE could do to really make sure they were gone. So, ‘No More Monsters’ was born. A magickal spray that has the ability to make Monsters disappear instantly, to protect their room and to ensure they have the best sleep EVER!

A special bottle filled with Lavender (for a peaceful sleep), Jasmine (to bring to positive superhero vibes back) and Sage (juuuuust to make sure let’s clear the room of any negative energy that may be floating around).

Designed for the little Superheroes in the house (and look, if you feel you need it, I’m sure they’ll let you have a spray too).