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Online Course | New Years Magick | A Witches Guide To Manifesting A Magickal New Year

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New Years Magick

Every  New Years Eve I am so excited to tick over into a new fresh new journey, with 365 days of opportunities and adventures waiting ahead.

Some years may be harder than others, with tough lessons and moments of pain or loss. But a new year gives us an opportunity to reflect on what has occurred and release the ties that hold us back. We are then able to cleanse, refresh and renew to start once more with more wisdom, motivation and magick than ever before.

I wanted to share some of my favourite rituals I love to do each New Year as I find each one refreshing, clarifying, motivating and set me up with a magickal mindset to start the year.

So I created a course that is filled with Tarot spreads, rituals, tips of journal work and creating a vision board, spells and more! I hope it brings your new year an extra sprinkle of magick and gives you the gift of time for yourself, to set your goals, release your ties and march forward with confidence and pure positive vibes!

Also do all my Patreons, you will be getting this course for free as a massive thank you for all you love and support this year!

Enjoy!! 🥰🥰