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Mini Lughnasadh Ritual Box

$25.00 AUD

Lughnasadh Mini Ritual Kit

The Wheel has now  begun to stretch and wake, in time to make their next move onto the Sabbat of Lughnasadh.

After months of enjoying the Spring and Summer magick, it is time we now prepare to say goodbye to the Sun. But whilst we must look forward to the darker days ahead, Lughnasadh is a time of reflection, to look at what we have created with our harvest, to celebrate our triumphs and to learn from our mistakes or failures.

Sometimes called Lammas, this Sabbat is one of the Fire Festivals in the Witches year and a time when crops are starting to be harvested and stored for winter. Grains, corn and wheat were the first to be taken in and these are often associated with this day and used to celebrate this turn of the wheel. You can bake bread, make popcorn or plant some oats in the earth as a offering to the Earth, thanking her for the abundance you have received.

How lucky we are to have a beautiful Sabbat ahead of us to celebrate.

For this turn I have prepared a Mini ritual kit with candle magick for you to use to celebrate and embrace on this beautiful day.

In this mini kit you will find:

  • Lughnasadh bread candle: A freshly baked loaf of sweet bread sits on the kitchen bench, embracing the magick the earth has created and creating a delicious treat for all to enjoy. On top you will find more of the earths bounty: corn, hay and citrine a crystal of abundance. The smell of bread will sing through your home to bring the magick on Lughnasadh straight to you.
  • An orange wish candle: The colour of creativity and the sun. This wish candle comes with a mini spell for Intention magick.
  • An Affirmation card: An important magickal tool and a reminder for each day. Stick this card somewhere you can read it and soak in the meaning and magick.
  • Sunflower stickers: Sunflowers are closely connected with Lughnasadh and these beauties has words of wisdom, happy vibes and are a perfect treat for this beautiful day.