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Meditative State - Incense Blend

$23.00 AUD

For centuries herbal magick has been used to aid in meditation, astral travel, prophetic dreaming and connection with spirit. I find that burning herbs are a beautiful way to get into the mindset of a magical meditation, to help a chattering mind focus. 

I created this blend with a deep meditation in mind, knowing that when times are tough we sometimes need some extra help to build that connection and to find inner stillness and clarity. I have done hours of research and experimenting, looking for the perfect blend that will include many properties and be your best friend when it comes to a successful meditation. 

In this blend you will find a mixture of Myrhh, White Sage, Wormwood, Rosemary, Rose, Frankincense, Lavender and Blue Lotus. A wide variety of elements that will strengthen your connection to your guides, quieten the chatter of the mind, enhance your dream state, calm the nerves and bring a deeper understanding beyond the simplistic. There are also protective elements to watch out for you while you are in a deeper state.

This incense blend comes with a Charcoal disk.