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Maiden to Mother Ritual Box

$40.00 AUD

Our lives take us on many journey as we progress and grow on our path. On journey that will forever change you in the transition from a Maiden to a Mother. 

An adventure will unexpected twists and turns, emotions so deep you have never thought possible and the feeling when you stp into your new role, one that is the greatest gift and lesson of them all.

I created this kit because I myself needed it (and still do) on my journey into becoming a Mum, the adventure of pregnancy and even after when my babies start to grow earth side. Each item has been there for me through stages of fear, worry, overwhelm, doubt and ultimately joy. I hope that this to will bring the magick I got from it you Mothers to be, Mummys who are currently growing life and those who watch their babies grow each day.

In this kit you will find:

The Maiden To Mother Crystal Kit: My ultimate pregnancy best friend, one who I carried around with me in my bag, my pocket, my bra or who traveled into meditation with me. In this bag you will find the following crystals -

Unakite: A beautiful crystal to help with morning sickness, healing and supporting the body. It also helps align the mind, body and soul.

Aquamarine: An incredibly calming crystal, bringing you the energy of the ocean. This crystal is said to help keep your baby strong throughout pregnancy and aid in successful labour.

Moonstone: This beauty brings to us the healing magick of the Moon, but also connects with goddess energy. As our body calls in and grows new life, connecting to Goddess energy is such a beautiful way to embrace the beauty of this journey.

Carnelian: A extremely grounding and protective crystal. This one is said to keep your body healthy, drive away disease and also helps you stabilise emotions and increase belief in yourself.

Rose Quartz: The ultimate crystal for warming the heart, having trust in your own abilities, overcoming fears and releasing negativity. 

Mini Aphrodite Offering candle: The Goddess of Love and Growth, I love to call Aphrodite in to be by myself as I embrace my pregnancy, grow new life and step into such a strong feminine power.

Courage Oil: This roller has been created using the courage of a Lion, to help you find your inner strength to get through each challenge you face. This roller holds the uplifting blend of Nerolina, Lemon Myrtle and Mandarin essential oils and are mixed with pieces of Citrine to bring you power, success, magick and a happy heart.

A Card of Affirmations to get you through each challenge and remind you that YOU GOT THIS!