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Mabon Herb Kit

$8.00 AUD

For this turn of the wheel, we celebrate Mabon, also known as the Autumn Equinox. Summer has started to fade away, the leaves are turning brown and the air becomes cool. It is a time to enjoy the harvest you have created over the Spring and Summer months, as well as a day to stop and be grateful for all you have. All the herbs in this kit have been chosen for a specific purpose.

This kit includes:
- Cinnamon: Enhances spirituality, Success, Healing, Love and Protection
- Clove: Protection, Love, Abundance
- Nutmeg: Good luck, Good Health, Money
- Apple: Love, Healing, Magic
- 2 x Charcoal Disks

All the herbs have been charged under a full moon and filled with positive vibes and intent.