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Lunar Folk

$25.00 AUD

The Moon, one of the most beautiful and magickal tools we have. The moon guides us, teaches us, pushes us and brings us what we need (not necessarily want). The Lunar cycle is forever changing and always filled with endless magick.

The Lunar Folk Ritual oil has been witchcraft for those who feel a strong connection to the Moon and her cycles. This oil has been created using a beautiful mix of oils, herbs and flowers, each with their own magickal properties and connection to the moon. These oils can be used to cleanse, manifest and bring power to items, places or even yourself. They can be used to anoint objects during whichever phase you are drawn to, used as an offering during a Moon ritual or even as a perfume for yourself to bring the energy of the Moon with you throughout the day.

A ritual Oil can be used in many ways and anyway you feel. They can anoint your magickal tools, be used as an offering to the Moon Goddesses and Gods when working along side them, be used to bring extra magick to plants and flowers you are wanting to grow, or even on you as perfume, if you feel you need to work with some Lunar energy. The options are endless.

These oils are all vegan friendly, natural and come in 20ml bottles.