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Lavender Haze Ritual Bath Milk

$18.00 AUD

The gift of time is a beautiful thing. It allows us to reflect, to find clarity, to heal and to learn. For me, the bath is a place of magick where I go to simply be and recharge my soul. The element of water is known for it's cleansing properties but also to help find clarity when needed. Mix this together with herbal magick and you have powerful magick.

Bath milk is a delicious treat to bring with you as you bathe, not only is it filled with a salt blend to remove negative energy and herbs to infuse the water with peace, love and tranquility, but the milk itself nourishes your skin leaving you feeling like the Goddess or God that you are. 

This blend contains milk, epsom salt, Himalayan salt, lavender, rose, chamomile. 

This mix should do 3/4 baths.