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Home Blessing Ritual

$32.00 AUD

Our home, one of the most important tools to our path, a place of security, peace, clarity, contentment, Magick. A sacred space that should be treated with respect and protected above all else. Whether you live in a cabin, lost amongst the woods, surrounded by flowers and vines, or maybe an apartment, looking down amount the noises and sounds of the city, you're home is where you go to be your true self.

This ritual was created as a blessing for your home. A ritual to protect the threshold, to cleanse the space in which you walk and a moment to bless and send love to your home that keeps you safe and helps your magick thrive.

In this ritual kit you will find the following:

-Black Salt: A tool of protection, sprinkled over the threshold of your home, be it th front and back door, window to your room etc, blocking all negative energy from entering.

-Home Blessing Herbal blend: These herbs are to be used to create a wash to cleanse your home either using a mop or spray bottle. 

-Selenite Rod: A beautiful crystal used to cut negative cords and cleanse those around it. This can be placed on the door frame of your front door to cleanse all who enter. 

-Brown Wish Candle: Often associated with the home and stability, this brown candle is used to place whichever intention you wish for the home, be it peace, protection, magick etc.

-Patchouli Incense: A magickal herb that carries the properties of love, prosperity and protection. Burn this incense and watch smoke swirl through the home, blessing all it touches. 

- A Home Blissing Ritual: You have tools and now the words to tie all these magickal items together, to guide you in blessing, protecting and cleansing your home.

These kits are a beautiful present to give to those who have recently moved into a new home or to simply use in your own sacred space, to give your home the love in needs and to work alongside it to create a space that serves you to your highest good.