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Hecate Potion

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Goddess of the Witches, Keeper of the Keys and the Crossroads between our world and the realm beyond. Hecate has long been loved and worshipped by witches from all around. She is a fierce and unforgiving energy who may intimidate some, but she will ultimately push you to be the Witch you have always desired to be. Hecate holds immense strength and wisdom when it comes to magick and how to best connect to your own personal practice in a way that will benefit you most.

Once you have formed a relationship with her, she will be there next to you as you divine with ancestors who have past, call upon the tarot to give you wisdom, brew and concoct potions and herbal magick and will be your greatest teacher when doing spell work. Having Hecate on your team means that she will ensure your protection magick is where it needs to be and although can push you to your limits, will be your fierce protector and aid you in all protection magick for you home, family and self.

This oil has been created will oils of Plum, Hyssop and Bergamot, a blend Hecate herself decided on. It is a oil that will best aid you in divination magick, spell work and protection magick.

Each oil has been through ritual, connecting it to their energy of Hecate and has been blessed by their magick. These oils can be used to anoint magickal items, including yourself, used as an offering, in bath rituals or however you feel called to use it.