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Hecate Offering Candle

$15.00 AUD

Hecate Offering Candle

She stands on the bridge and she waits for the souls,

Who are lost, crossing over, these are one of her goals.

The Goddess the Witches, her magick runs wild,

“I come when I’m ready”, she winked as she smiled.

A maze she’ll create, to test and to teach,

A candle for Hecate will aid in your reach. 


Hecate, Goddess of the Witches, Keeper of the Keys and the Crossroads.

She is a Goddess who may seem daunting at first, but one you begin to understand her ways she is a ferocious ally to have on your side. Hecate is a great goddess to call in when working on divination, protection, guidance, healing, birth and crossing over to the next life.

This candle has been dressed with: Mugwort, Wormwood, Lavender, Thyme

The Offering candles can be lit and left to burn. Some may use purely during ritual and if you would like to blow them out then that is ok too. These candles worked with in whatever waycalls to you. Always keep your candle burning where you can keep an eye on it. Never leave them unattended.