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Goddess Ritual Oil

$25.00 AUD

Goddess energy is a beautiful thing. Filled with power, deep emotion, strength, wisdom and magickal feminine energy. The connection with Goddess is such a personal one, each of us connecting to our own Goddess energy, for our own reasons and growing that relationship which fills our lives with so much positive magick.

The Goddess Ritual Oil has been witchcrafted using a beautiful blend of oils, herbs and flowers that are all connected with Goddess energy. A magickal floral and spicy scent fills the oil and inside you will find little celestite crystals which will help further your Goddess Connection.

A ritual Oil can be used in many ways and anyway you feel. They can anoint your magickal tools, be used as an offering to the Goddesses when working along side them, be used to bring extra magick to spells or rituals you are performing, or even on you as perfume, if you feel you need to work with some Goddess energy throughout the day. The options are endless.

These oils are all vegan friendly, natural and come in 20ml bottles.