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Freyja Ritual Oil

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The Norse Goddess of all things that encapsulate feminine energy - love, sex, beauty and wisdom. Freyja is a fierce warrior who was the Queen of the Valkyrie - A heard of angels who would ride in of horse to collect the souls of the slain soldiers and warriors of battle. They would bring half to Valhalla to be celebrated by Odinn - the all father, whilst the rest would follow Freyja to her sanctuary in heaven, known as Folkvangr. 

Freyja is known as a Goddess of great wisdom, practising as a Seidr (Similar to shamanic witchcraft) and was often thought to be travelling the earth, crying tars of gold, looking for her long lost love.

This ritual oil was created using the wisdom of Freyja, through mediation and intuition. Freyja is a beautiful energy to work with when you are seeking guidance and aid in magickal spellcrafting, astral projection, help with love - be is self love or of the heart, inner power, strength and confidence. 

She is also known to aid in fertility and birth - this could literally be for a pregnancy and strength through labour, or birthing and creating new ideas and inspiration. 

These ritual oils can be used in a variety of ways such as:

  • Anointing magickal tools and an altar space.
  • Anointing oneself to call in her power and aid 
  • A few drops in your ritual bath (a beautiful place for a meditation)
  • Placed on your third eye to connect with her during ritual work or meditation
  • Used as a daily offering for Freyja

This oil was created by bring the ocean and forest together, the perfect balance of nature. The woods and the waves. Inside you will find hints of Icelandic moss, chamomile, oak bark and mint mixed with beautiful oils such as pine, thyme, bergamot and a few other secret pieces.

The Freyja oil was created on a Friday, known as Freyjas day, left for a full lunar cycle to work its magick and then bottled on the Full Moon of Aquarius.