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Freyja Offering Candle

$15.00 AUD

Freyja Offering Candle

Freyja, The Goddess of War and of Love,

The Queen of the Valkyrie soars down from above.

She is strong, she is powerful, her beauty runs wild, 

But she’ll sit and bring comfort to a newly born child.

Her beauty, her strength, her wisdom of olde,

An offering for Freyja, for when she is called.

Freyja, The Norse Goddess whose beauty and strength hav long been admired. She brings both light and dark, peace and war, strength and kindness. A goddess to call in when you need to fight for what you believe in, to aid in your fertility journey, to heighten self power and confidence and to receive the wisdom you have been searching for. 

This candle has ben dressed with: Iclandic Moss, Oak Bark, Valerian

 The Offering candles can be lit and left to burn. Some may use purely during ritual and if you would like to blow them out then that is ok too. These candles worked with in whatever way calls to you. Always keep your candle burning where you can keep an eye on it. Never leave them unattended.