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Festive Magick - Gingerbread Cookies

$22.00 AUD

As you tip toe through the house, a familiar scent greets you before you enter the room. A smell so homely and warm you feel as though a big Christmas blanket has wrapped you in the cuddliest hug and you know that the festive time draws closer.

As you walk into the kitchen, a warm tray of Gingerbread awaits you, freshly baked and ready to be eaten. Did you know that Gingerbread used to be made during Yule as a love spell, as ginger has strong love properties as well as healing, luck and good fortune. The perfect treat to give to those you love.

These candles smell EXACTLY like gingerbread, they are spicy, delicious and bring the Christmas spirit to life.

Created using soy wax and Christmas spirit, these candles have a burn time of 30-35 hours.