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Festive Magick - Christmas Tree Farm

$22.00 AUD

As you close your eyes you can hear the wind sway past you, dancing with festive cheer and the sound of children and adults giggling and joining forces to choose the perfect tree for their home. The Christmas tree is such an important symbol of the Festive season and it originates way back for hundreds of years. The Christmas Tree was decorated with symbols of love, luck, good fortune, good health and these were the wishes of the family for the Faeries to grant over the next year. There is so much Magick that comes with Christmas time.

This candle brings the Christmas tree farm to live, you can almost hear the crunch of the fallen pine as you walk and if you reach out, its as though you can touch a tree that's waiting to be picked. 

Created using soy wax and Christmas spirit, these candles have a burn time of 25-30 hours.